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White Sheet

Marisa Wilson


  • I’m a lifelong school nerd who likes to collect degrees: Davidson College undergrad, UNC Charlotte grad school, CPCC for design school.

  • I drive a vintage jeep wrangler because it’s my dream car and I haven’t found a need to upgrade yet. Her name’s Rusty, go figure.

  • No matter how hard I try to be healthy I can’t stop eating pizza.

  • I can attribute both my competitive drive and my extreme aversion to confrontation to being a middle child.

  • As a die-hard Beatles fan, one of the greatest moments of my life was touching Paul McCartney. On the shoulder, man. Nothing dirty.

  • My gift is being able to walk into a room and diagnose what’s not working so well.


About Marisa

Think of me as your new best friend. We’ll have cocktails together, laugh at inside jokes, and I might have the key to your house. I spend a lot of time getting to know the real you because that’s how I design your perfect home. I will happily spend a day at the antique mall finding unique items that will make your home one-of-a-kind. Want a space to relax in after a long day? Done. Want a comfy, homey space for your kids when you’re together. Check. Can’t figure out how to show off your prized collection of vintage albums? I live for this stuff.


My goal is to make the design process as fun as possible. My favorite clients are easy-going, relaxed, and allow my creativity to shine for them. I live for the reveal – that’s when the magic happens and you finally see how it all came together (cue the tears). I know I’m fulfilling my personal calling when I create a space you love to live in.


Ready to see if we’re a good fit? 

Our Values


Our goal is to exceed your expectations – going above and beyond to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

We believe in the honor code – being trustworthy, honest, and having integrity is just who we are.

When mistakes occur or problems arise, we take responsibility and correct them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We love our clients – our greatest joy is when your house reflects you and all your hopes, dreams, and desires.

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